The Quote-

"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

-by Someone Really Smart

Monday, September 21, 2009

Things That Go Bump In The Day

  1. Taylor jumping out of bed
  2. The various objects Erik throws downstairs
  3. Erik's head against the floor after he falls off the chair
  4. Erik's head against the floor after Taylor pushes him
  5. The block that Erik then threw at Taylor's head
  6. The drawers of Taylor's dresser being slammed after he gets his 20th pair of underwear out
  7. An unbalanced load of laundry

Correction: A broken washer. Because my washer is obviously quite spiteful and bitter that I've been lusting over other washers, it decided to quit on laundry day. Not that I necessarily have a specific laundry day. Laundry day is whichever day I realize that none of us have any more clean clothes and I start using Taylor's emergency underwear that I have stashed away in the car. The saddest part about the whole situation is that the washer is most likely repairable. Why is that sad? Because if it wasn't repairable then I wouldn't have to decide between just buying a new washer or repairing this one. Is it cheaper to repair this one? Obviously. It's not like an '84 Honda Civic hatchback that you're holding together with duct tape and you're just praying it gets you through the week. In fact, I feel like I'm almost cheating on my washer since I'm trying to think of ways to validate getting a new one.

Maybe Kent will make this easier. Maybe Kent will say, "You know what, honey? You work so hard and you're 8 months pregnant and I just wonder how you do it all. You're practically supermom, and I think we should just get you a new washer AND dryer. You deserve it. Why don't you go and pick a set out? And stop and get a pedicure on your way home. And have I mentioned how thin you look lately? Why don't you eat another helping of brownies and ice cream?"

Hmmm... was the brownies and ice cream comment too much to hope for?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back in School

It's been a LONG summer. Don't get me wrong- I love my boy. But I'm so glad that he's going back to school, even if it is for just 3 days a week. Of course I still have Erik, so it's not like I can just prop my feet up and eat brownies and ice cream while he's gone, especially since Erik sometimes causes more trouble than Taylor does. But it's nice for both Taylor and I. He's excited about it and loves school! This was the only picture he was willing to let me take-

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Great Wolf!

Every year all of the pediatric residents go on a retreat. Last year wasn't all that great- it was on the coast at a sub-par hotel with not that much to do, especially since it was chilly at the beach. This year, however, was completely awesome. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge, which was only about 40 minutes away (compared to last year's 3-hour drive where Taylor threw up half way through...). It's a hotel with an awesome indoor water park. The kids had an absolute blast. Taylor was SO excited and had been talking about it the whole week before.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, Erik was totally fearless. He went down the same slide over and over and over... He would climb up the ladder, push his way past those lame 3-4 year-olds that were way too slow for him, and go head-first down the slide. People kept giving me wary looks and asking me if he needed help. Uh, no. He'd scream if we tried to help him. Thanks, though.

For some reason he was enthrawled with the life vest buckles. He probably spent a good 20 minutes buckling and un-buckling them.
On the last day our kids were pretty hammered. But Taylor keeps asking when we're gonna go to the hotel with the water park.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

...or young missionaries.
Elder #1: "Wow, Sister Saunders! You look like you're about ready to pop! Aren't you due soon?"
Me: "Nope, not 'til November."
Elder #2: "Can you get much bigger than that?"
Me: *chuckle* "I still have two more months. I've got plenty of time to get bigger."
Elder #1: "Hey, pretty soon you won't be able to fit sideways through the doorway."
In their defense I really am getting big. I have two friends who are splendidly honest and tell me that I really do look further along than I really am. And Kent told me about a woman he saw in the clinic that was due in October, yet quite smaller than I am. The real proof? The fact that I was looking at a picture thinking, "when did I take a picture of Kent from behind?" A few seconds later I realized that it was MY behind I was looking at. When I get motivated I'll have to post a picture of my belly with Taylor compared to my belly now at the same time. I now weigh as much as I did when I delivered Taylor. Of course the two servings of brownies and ice cream that I've eaten today haven't helped...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Life's a Beach

Kent had last week off, and let me tell you, it was about time he had a few days off. So we packed up the kids, squished all our camping gear into the car (and even some on top...) and headed over to Kalaloch by the Pacific Coast to go camping. It was the perfect campsite- close enough to the beach to walk there, but not on the beach, so you're not trying to shake sand out of your underwear as you sleep (though it still found its way back in small amounts). The weather was really nice- you only needed a light sweater during the day, and even the nights didn't get too cold (unless you're 7 months pregnant and have to waddle to the bathroom 3 times in the middle of the night- then you wish for your bathroom at home that's only 10 feet away without the fear of being ambushed by a rabbid raccoon on the way). Our campsite was awesome thanks to some recommendations from friends. There were a ton of fallen trees and roots to climb on so they had a lot more room to wander but were still close enough to see. Here's a view from up high of what was right next to our campsite- Here are a few pictures of the hikes. Kent wanted to get a picture of the two boys sitting nicely, but it was like pulling teeth to get Erik to sit still for more than 2 seconds.

The beach was lovely, though would have been nicer if not for the hundreds of jellyfish right next to the water. But they loved being able to just play in the sand. This is Erik insisting he needs to step on it to really check it out and me insisting he doesn't-

This is, by far, my favorite picture that Kent took while we were there-

Kent also turned 31 while we were camping. Although I wasn't able to make him his favorite birthday cake while we were there, he at least got peach cobbler. I love you, honey! Thanks for being such a rockin' husband and daddy!