The Quote-

"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

-by Someone Really Smart

Thursday, May 3, 2012

By the Way...

We have a new baby.
I've decided to completely give up on trying to get the blog up-to-date.  Why?  Because I'm lazy.  And because I have a newborn.  
Yes, I know, I've only had a newborn for a week and a half.  But before that I was pregnant.  Isn't that a good enough excuse for just about anything?
But it's not like this blog post is a surprise for anyone.  I just figured that I should post some pics for those people who might not check facebook.  Mainly for my dad who still checks my blog every now and then only to find the exact same picture that was there... 4 months ago.

Anyway, here he is!
Austin Hyrum Saunders

Keep in mind that I don't look all that happy because I'm always a little out of it with all the meds.  I'm pretty sensitive to any kind of pain killers (you should have seen me when I got my wisdom teeth pulled...).  

See?  And you thought I looked rough in the last picture.

Clearly he LOVES bath time!

Erik was, hands down, the most excited for Austin to come.  For the last two months he was asking when baby brother was going to come out.  When it was his turn to say prayers he would always include, "And bwess baby bwuther to come out and pway."  Super cute.  Until he started asking exactly how baby brother was going to come out...

Erik is considering becoming Jewish.

Taylor loves him, too!

Wait.  Did you just wonder, "Where is a picture of Melanie and Austin?"  Well, there isn't one.  Why?  Because at first she pretty much wanted nothing to do with him.  She looked at him oddly while he was crying.  When he calmed down we asked her if she wanted to hold him.  She flat-out refused.  She's a little better now, but mostly just ignores him.  

But here's another picture of Austin.  This one is my favorite so far-