The Quote-

"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

-by Someone Really Smart

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Little of This, A Little of That

After we came back from our trip to California in May Taylor was quite disappointed that we didn't end up going camping as a result of the rain. So we figured we could just camp at home! Here's our lovely campsite: And here we are roasting marshmallows in the backyard (courtesy of our neighbors' firepit).

And just in case you were wondering, the "camping" didn't go so well. We thought we'd just let the boys stay up and lock, I mean, put them in the tent when it was "bedtime." So we zipped it up, made sure the zippers were at the top, and went upstairs, all while listening to them bouncing off the sides of the tent. A while later we heard footsteps downstairs. Unfortunately they could reach the zipper. Genius that I am, I decided to tie the zipper down so it wouldn't unzip from the inside and told them it was bedtime. Apparently Taylor didn't think that was such a hot idea and he was slightly hysterical. So we put Taylor in his own bed and shut Erik inside the tent. We have no idea how long it took him to fall asleep, but we figured he couldn't break anything, right?
And here's the preschool graduation picture. Yes, they now graduate from preschool. And yes, I win chump-mom-of-the-year award for the following accomplishments:
  1. Almost being late for Taylor walking down the aisle by himself (how was I supposed to know they were doing a cap and gown ceremony?? It's preschool!) Good thing our last name starts with an "S,"
  2. Not purchasing him a balloon or flowers when every other parent did, and
  3. Not dressing him in his Sunday best. Yes, that's my child wearing a T-shirt and jeans on graduation day.

Just a cute picture of Taylor and I. Yes, he is wearing a necktie. And no, this was not for graduation.

About a month and a half ago we realized that Erik was in desperate need of a haircut. It was getting pretty long. I almost considered letting it get just a little longer and donating it to Locks of Love. But he hated how long it took to wash the shampoo out of his hair.

Yes, he's on the toilet, but no, he's not constipated. That's just the face he makes when you tell him to smile.

Again, not constipated.
And here's a picture of me on the Fourth of July.

That's that? Why am I wearing a mask? Well, the Friday before the weekend of the 4th I started feeling achy everywhere. But no big deal. Then on Saturday it totally hit me- I could barely get out of bed. I had a splitting headache, I had the chills, and my neck was so stiff I couldn't move it without wanting to scream. After I called Kent that afternoon and told him that he had to come home because I could no longer safely watch the kids, he came home, asked me what was wrong, and took me to the E.R. After a fun lumbar puncture it turns out I had meningitis. And I guess there are a ton of different meningitises (is that right for the plural form?) to get. Mine was viral. So it wasn't the scary kind. I spent a night at the hospital and I was discharged the next day. No, it didn't last long, and yes, I'm quite fine now, thank you!

And the other of only 2 pictures we got on the Fourth. And I made Kent take this picture. It's officially the first skirt I made for Melanie!! Technically we were supposed to have matching skirts, but seeing as how I couldn't take care of the kids that Saturday, let alone sew, only she got to wear hers. I'm quite proud of it :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Almost Two Months

Apparently it's been that long since I last posted something. Not that we haven't done anything worth posting. It's quite the contrary- I haven't had much time (okay, I haven't really made the time) to just sit and work on a post. My apologies. Hopefully people will still check our blog... eventually.
Back in May we had plans to go camping- we even had our campsite reserved. Unfortunately the weather didn't really want to cooperate, and it was supposed to rain the ENTIRE time. Not my idea of a lovely camping trip. So through much coaxing and some tears I finally convinced Kent to drive down to Clovis to visit his family. We spent a day at the zoo checking out the wildlife. No, this isn't real. And if you look very closely you can see a string of drool hanging out of Erik's mouth.

I love this picture.

This was probably taken by Kent before our riff-raff children ran up and started whoopin' and hollerin' at the poor dear.

They had this cute little area where kids could dig for fossils. Cute, really.

Doesn't the goat look totally excited to befriend our children?

And then the goat saw this:

And now it doesn't look quite as happy about Erik wanting to be friends.

And how convenient!! Disneyland is only a THREE hour drive from Kent's parents' house!! And wouldn't it just be so lovely if Kent and I went? But the kids would probably rather stay with Grandma and Grandad, right? I mean, they just went in March. Don't want them to get tired of Disneyland or anything.

Our new line of action figures.

Except I'm supposed to be running- not punching myself in the face.
We actually took a picture almost exactly like this one (same ride and everything!) when we were first dating. If I wasn't so lazy I'd go find it...

Kent was very proud of himself for maxing out his score.

No, really! Here's proof:
I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here.
And thanks to the lovely Leifson family for helping me badger Kent into making the drive. We met up with them and we had a great time!

And a BIG thanks to Kent's parents for taking our kids for those few days that we were in the Happiest Place on Earth. With no kids. And I swear, Melanie doesn't always wake up in the middle of the night and cry and cry...
Once again I realized, after going through all of the pictures, that there are absolutely none of Melanie. We really do love her. I promise. So here's one of her just so we don't feel too bad:

Yes, she loves Oreos. Until Kent told me that she probably doesn't need them that early.