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Friday, April 18, 2008

Our New Home!

Well, when Erik was 4 days old, Kent left for Washington state to find us a house. For the control-freak that I am, you can imagine how hard that was for me not to be able to go with him. Well, he ended up finding us not ONE house, but THREE houses. We loved all three of them. Three offers, two inspections, and it seems a million signed and initialed papers later, we have our house! Technically, though, it's still not ours. But we're past the inspection this time! The last inspection uncovered mold in the attic... lo and behold, that will not be our house.

As for our house... we're so excited! It was actually last out of the three, but we had such a difficult time deciding between them that it's not a big deal. The backyard isn't as big as the others, but it's still bigger than we were expecting to buy and it backs up to a golf course. It has 4 bedrooms and a loft, and... here's the best part... laundry is upstairs! After living out here in Maryland where all of the houses are at least 50 years old, it will be nice to be in something newer. The house that we're renting right now still has the original windows, which, let me just tell you, are pretty bad. In the middle of the winter, condensation would build up on the inside of the windows throughout the day. Then, at night when it would get really cold, the water would freeze, and I would have to go and blow-dry all the windows the next morning so the water wouldn't melt all over our furniture. It was great fun.

Apparently everyone that lives on the street of our new house is very close. When Kent went to go see it, someone had drawn bunny feet all over the sidewalks on the street (it was just after Easter). And there are a lot of kids. Our neighbors have a trampoline and a playset (which I'm sure will make for an eventual broken bone). And in the ward, there are about 200 primary kids. No, ladies and gentlemen, that is not a typo. Two-hundred primary children. Good heavens, I hope I don't get a primary calling...

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Taralyn said...

welcome to the blogging world ha! I'm glad to see you've come around. Congrats on the house! That's so awesome! Don't know when we'll ever see you though since you're moving to the other side :)