The Quote-

"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

-by Someone Really Smart

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some Catching-up

Well, we're in our new house finally, and we didn't get internet until this past Thursday, so I'm now working on updating everyone. No pictures of the house (those will come later when we don't still look like we're living out of boxes), but we do have some other fun ones:

These are our boys! This is from when we were staying in the hotel while we were waiting to move in. Taylor is rather irritated at us for trying to get him to look at the camera while Curious George is on.

Taylor found a little friend in our backyard. And yes, he did almost literally love it to death.

Look at my sweet husband! Every time he goes to Home Depot, he comes home with about 20 things more than he intended. He LOVES having a yard to work on. He's like a kid in a candy shop at all those home-improvement stores.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph! I miss you guys!!! I am still in tears from laughing at Taylor dancing!!! Give him a HUGE hug for me!! I am lost in church without him!! How is the baby? Has Kent started working yet? Write when you get a minute!!! Love, Patty

Amanda said...

The dancing is hillarious! Love the pictures. Keep em coming.

nutmegsaunders said...

What?? Kent actually spending money?