The Quote-

"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

-by Someone Really Smart

Friday, October 10, 2008


I was on the phone with Nana D (Diane, for those of you who might be slightly confused), and she told me that I had to update my blog. When I explained to her that I had just updated it today, but it wasn't about the boys, she insisted that nobody wanted to read what I wrote- they just want to see pics of the boys. So I relented.

Here is Erik after breakfast the other day.

Taylor is holding up a piece of paper that was from school. Apparently he had written his name all by himself!

Handsome little devils, aren't they? Anyone beg to differ?


Kimberly said...

*sigh* my mom and I had the same conversation last night...

Linda said...

SO does taht mean I should only have pictures of Scott on my blog? Not to disagree with Nana D, but I enjoy reading about the things that you and Kent do, things that frustrate you and things that make you happy. But I like seeing the boys all the time too.

nutmegsaunders said...

Jack says Eric looks like Kent when he was a baby, I think Cali kind of looks like Eric so does that mean I have a Kent look alike baby? It's crazy to look at just September's pictures and these pictures and see how much older Taylor looks... they are really handsome!!