The Quote-

"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

-by Someone Really Smart

Thursday, May 7, 2009


It's been a rough couple of days for Erik. The kid never seems to catch a break. Here's the rundown of his battle wounds:
  1. Yesterday, while walking around with a plastic pole in his mouth, he tripped and scraped the roof of his mouth. Yes, he drew quite a bit of blood.
  2. Not five minutes after the previous incident, he slammed his hand in the dryer. At least he didn't draw blood.
  3. While playing in the pantry, he dropped a can of sliced pineapple on his bare toes.
  4. According to Taylor (I was trying to vacuum my stairs and wasn't witness to the casualty), Erik "fell down on his belly and mouth" resulting in Erik biting a hole straight through his bottom lip. This one drew even more blood.
  5. At least this one was on Kent's watch. Erik tried to pet our neighbor's dog, but the dog ran away. So Erik face-planted on the pavement.

Here he is after the latest mishap.

(Yes, we had to get a picture, even though he was crying.)

Some of you might wonder what's going on at our house that is resulting in such gore. This, my friends, is it:

I'm pretty sure this is what he was doing before he bit the hole in his lip (at least I was actually doing housework as opposed to watching the latest episode of "What Not To Wear.").

And yes, about 1 minute after taking this picture, he fell face-first off the cooler again. But at least he caught himself with his forehead and not his mouth.


Millers! said...

As I type, Doug as at the ER with AShlynne getting her lip derma bonded, cause she feel and her teeth went through her lip! poor thing, twice in two days she has a fat lip!

Sarah said...

I love the bloody lip picture--thanks for keeping it real. You're my kind of mom for sure. =)

Ros said...

Seriously, I love it. I should make a post about all the shiners Eric got. He was such a go getter. One day he leaned to far out of the cart at Target and dented the floor with his forhead. I was sick. The employees just stared at me. It was kinda scary, but stink... they have no idea how fast those freakin kids move! He's fine. I hope.

Allison and Mason: said...

What doesn't kill him will make him stronger.... He's going to be one tough kid.

Linda said...

He is so much like his dad. Kent was about 6 when he jumped off a chair to grab a balloon and came down on the chair and bit through the bottom of his lip. It bled forever.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that's quite a picture of your little warrior. Poor guy!

Quindi said...

Like his mom.