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"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ski Bums

I'll be taking over this post as Stephanie and Melanie are out for a girls night out, sort of. I'll put a post of this in the next couple of days, but both are doing well.

Anyway, it was about time that Taylor and I hit the slopes. We had the Winter Olympic fever and it was time for him to learn to ski. He and I went to Crystal Mountain for a fun day in the sun as I had President's Day off.

The day started out slow as Taylor was hungry and tired after the first run, but after an early lunch he was ready to go out for some more. He slowly got the hang of making a pie wedge, but learning to turn will have to wait until the next trip. He would make it down about 10feet and crash, but was ready to get back up and didn't complain.

In the afternoon after another trip to the bathroom for Taylor, I was ready to call it a day, but Taylor insisted on skiing more. We had a blast skiing and crashing all day as Taylor appeared to have as much fun licking the snow and making snow balls each time he fell. His favorite part at the end of the day was skiing between my legs with myself holding him and skiing fast down the hill hitting all the jumps. Taylor keeps asking when we'll be able to go again..... just him and daddy.

I had to stop the video shortand race down to catch him before he took somebody out.


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I guess it's pretty late, but after seeing the pics of the rope burns and then reading "Ski Bums"... I thought of fannies! I was a little surprised to see the real ski thing show up in your pics. Guess I'll give up my quiet time and go to bed =)