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"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

-by Someone Really Smart

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Team Boyd

When we first moved in, our sweet neighbors, the Boyds, brought us over rice krispy treats and a cake. Since then, they've been absolutely wonderful. Mark (the dad) helps us unload groceries whenever he sees us unloading them, and when I got Kent a grill for Father's Day, they let me hide it in their garage. Lucky for us, they also have two daughters- 13 and 16, and they babysit!

And then there's Keegan. He's their 6-year-old son. He is just the sweetest boy. He is so nice to Taylor, and Taylor absolutely adores him. Since they are such a sport family (hence the "Team Boyd" that was printed on the front of a card they sent us), Keegan is always out front throwing a baseball, playing soccer, or playing volleyball. So whenever he is out there, Taylor just HAS to go outside. Alas, Keegan is now Taylor's new best friend.

So it was that they were outside playing when we were just getting back from going for a walk. Keegan had a friend over and they were playing on a slip-and-slide (remember those?). Taylor was just DYING to go head-first into the water; clothes and all. And sweet Keegan said, "You can come play with us if you want to, Taylor!" Keegan was so nice and patient with Taylor- filling up his water gun so that Taylor could shoot Keegan with it. Then Keegan's mom, Kim, got out and played with them, too! They're a wonderful family, and they're so nice about Taylor going and rummaging through their garage every single time it's open :) We are so lucky to have such great neighbors!

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