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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

Warning: Lots of pictures to follow.
Well, we went to Disneyland right after Erik turned 2. Kent and I were supposed to go to Hawaii... alone... but Melanie was just too young still (a wet nurse is not only creepy, but probably too expensive...). So I convinced Kent to go to Disneyland instead. And every time I go it's just as exciting, though I have to say that if it weren't for Kent's parents going with us, it wouldn't have been as nice. Since Grandma and Grandad Saunders were there, we were able to go on the bigger rides with Taylor while they stayed with Melanie and Erik. Thanks for everything Steve and Linda!
Taylor was actually tall enough to ride Space Mountain last time we went to Disneyland. This time, however, we actually took him on it. Notice the look of horror on his face. And no, he didn't like it.

One of Taylor's favorite rides is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I can't count how many times he ended up riding it.

Taylor's other favorite ride was a smaller roller coaster called Mulholland Madness over in California Adventures that gave you whiplash the entire time. It was awful. But it had a super short line and Taylor took full advantage of that.I love this picture of Linda. Doesn't she look like she's having the time of her life??Erik and Daddy on King Arthur's Carousel.

Taylor really is having fun, I promise. He just doesn't look it.
Erik loved Autopia. I actually don't really care for it. I suppose it would be great... if you didn't have to wait an hour in line.I'm not choking Taylor.
No, really, I'm not. It just looks like it.Erik just chillin' in our room.

Cute, isn't she? Though I did give Kent a hard time for photographing her without a bow.

Funny how you can spend a ton of money on vacation and the thing they enjoy most is the little water park.
I love the age that Erik is. It's such a cute stage, and he makes the funniest faces.

I laugh every time I look at this picture.

Melanie in all her splended chubbiness.
And can I just say that it's a total rip-off that embroidery is no longer included in the price of the hat? That's right folks. It's an additional $3.

I'm not sure what Erik was trying to do with the french fries, but he thought himself absolutely hilarious. He kinda reminds me of a walrus.
The hotel pool. One of the only pictures taken at the pool where one of them isn't jumping into the water that's only about a foot deep.

I love this picture of Taylor.

Attempt #349.

The only picture that was a decent shot of all 5 of us. And yes, our shirts are all matching.

The room that we stayed in had a jacuzzi tub. Man, with those water jets, it's amazing how many bubbles you can get. We lost the boys a couple times underneath all of them.

I'm constantly amazed at how many people have been to Disneyland but have never seen Billy Hill and the Hill-Billies. It's hilarious. So much so that Kent and I went to see it two days in a row. If you eat there it's great because the kids usually sit still since there's entertainment.

And what better way to end it than a trip to some of our favorite food places?
Good ol' Tito's. Awesome burritos and great salsa.
I love In-N-Out. Great burgers and I love their vanilla shakes.
*dreamy sigh*
I love Foster's. They have incredible milkshakes. Their strawberry milkshake is the best. And their large is a real large.
We actually didn't see the Foster's until we had already stopped at Tito's and In-N-Out. So Kent was full and I had already had a milkshake. But it had been too long since we had one from there. So we both devoured one.
I love Disneyland. I'm already missing it. Some of our friends are going in May during a week that Kent has off, so I'm trying to convince him to drive down there, drop the kids off at Steve and Linda's on the way, and go to Disneyland with no children in tow. But Kent and Taylor want to go camping. I wonder if I can convince Steve and Linda to take the kids camping while we go to Disneyland...


Kimberly said...

I patiently suffered through your trip to Disneyland, but the pictures are too much. I'm leaving right now and spending a week there. Goodbye.

"Living to Tale the Tale" said...

You made me want to go again. I miss Disneyland. I love all your pics, how fun!!

Scott and Tara said...

You can come with us in May and still have all summer to go camping. We'll even make a special trip to Fosters since you missed it when you went. You know you want to. C'Mon, it'll be fun. I've always wanted to go with somebody that I'm convinced likes Disneyland as much as we do.

Amanda said...

I love the Disneyland pics (eventhough you should have been in Hawaii with me!) You need to give me all your tips. Did you get military tickets? Hotel? We're going in June so we need some pointers. Is California Adventure worth it? You should come with us again in June (and with your friend in May)

Jess, Andrew and Family said...

Ok, I officially want to go to Disney World or Land...take your pick. Your pictures look like so much fun! We'll have to put it in our budget sometime!

The Laytons said...

I love all the pictures!!! Seriously! I especially love the family ones - you guys look so cute! You make me want to go again, the kids would absolutely love it. It looks like you guys had a ton of fun.