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"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

-by Someone Really Smart

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Approaching the Hill

Not quite over it, as of yet. On Monday, Kent turned 30. Yes, the big 3-0. For the past 2 years, whenever someone would ask him his age, he'd hesitate and say, "I'm in my twenties." So here's a picture of my 30-year-old hubby. Still lookin' good, huh?
Okay, so maybe that's not him, but we lost our memory card for our camera, and we weren't able to get a pic of him blowing out all of his candles on his birthday cake. This was the best I could do.
So even though it's a couple days late, I thought I'd make a list to commemorate this momentous occasion. One is a list of his most annoying habits, and the second is a list of things that make him all the more freakin' awesome!
Annoying Habits:
  1. You know that plastic tab thing you're supposed to pull off of the milk carton the first time you open it to take the cap off? He doesn't pull it off all the way, so he leaves it dangling there for me to pull off later.
  2. He forgot our last anniversary.
  3. He takes his socks off inside-out, so that they go through the wash inside-out as well. So then I go to sort socks, put them right-side-out, and all the dirt that was on them falls all over my newly-vacuumed floor.
  4. After he changes the boys' diapers, he won't close them up: he leaves them lying open like nobody's business.
  5. He forgot our last anniversary.
  6. He won't clean the "extras" when he cleans the kitchen i.e. the leftover dishes that either have to be hand-washed or won't fit into the dishwasher (though I think I probably have his family to blame for this one).
  7. He still insists on wearing his holey T-shirts from high-school out in public.
  8. He forgot our last anniversary (I'm obviously not going to let him forget this one).

Why He's So Freakin' Awesome!

  1. The man has got some awesome dance moves. But before you sign him up for "Dancing With the Stars" keep in mind that they're awesome because they make me laugh until I'm about to wet my pants.
  2. When the house gets a little too dirty, I get close to totally freaking out. And he's nice enough to stop what he's doing and ask me what he can do to help.
  3. The man can't multi-task to save his life. BUT put a football game on while he's playing the Wii, do a split-screen with the TV, and he can still kick some trash.
  4. He finally likes my enchiladas better than his mom's (thank goodness, considering I'm Mexican and his mom isn't- sorry Linda :).
  5. He's brutally honest. When I made my first meatloaf, he said, "Do I have to try it?"
  6. He makes up songs. And I'm not talking lullabies for Taylor. I'm talking full-length songs that don't always rhyme... complete with his falsetto voice.
  7. He's an awesome daddy, with a ton more patience than I have.
  8. Even though I totally torched him for forgetting our anniversary, he tried his hardest to make up for it and felt sufficiently contrite (still, I feel it's my right as a wife to hold it over him for the rest of his life... at least until I get a surprise trip to Hawaii for our anniversary or an eternity band from Tiffany's).

You're awesome, honey!


Kimberly said...

I love it! You don't have to let it go, I don't think. Silly man.

kathryn said...

Happy Birthday nephew Kent. There's no way you're 30!

Quindi said...'re mexican but you don't speak spanish.

Linda said...

Funny, I alway thought Kent would age better. But I'm glad you can finally make better enchiladas, and dishes thing I'll take to blame for.

Craig said...

Whatever, holy shirts are the best thing going, and seriously, leftover dishes suck big time.

Happy belated birthday dude.

Amanda said...

Happy birthday Kent! So if you're 30 that makes Steph what.............19 now?! Just kidding Steph. We can't wait to see you guys!