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"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

-by Someone Really Smart

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bend It Like Beckham

Okay, I'll admit, he really didn't do much like Beckham. This Saturday was Taylor's first soccer game. The first half he did pretty good- he actually got to the ball and dribbled it a bit, though he only got to it one time. The second half... yeah, not so well.

Here was pre-game and stretching with the coach:
First half:
And the second half, where it just seemed to get worse and worse. He decided to tackle a girl on his team, and from there started a dog-pile:

But he did okay. I wasn't expecting much, and I certainly didn't expect a prodigy (good thing, huh?). But he was having fun (most of the time)and I do have hopes that maybe he'll be potty-trained by the time soccer is over. In the past month, Taylor has not once told me he has to go pee. However, Thursday, while we were leaving, we walked by a port-a-potty. He sees a man walk out and immediately decides he has to go pee. Geez, of all the times to decide to tell me he has to go. So I get all fired-up thinking this is the beginning of a new life for him. I was tempted to tell him to just go in his diaper (after all, come on! Did he have to tell me when only a port-a-potty is available?) but I sucked it up and took him inside. After touching everything he could get his hands on in there (I wanted to vomit, and bathed him in hand sanitizer afterward), he actually did go pee. But he didn't tell me he had to go pee again... until Saturday after his game when we walked by the same port-a-potty. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow when we have to walk by the same one again. Maybe I should just rent one and put it in my backyard...


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh............he's so cute out there, who cares if he's good!

Allison and Mason: said...

So cute. I love the one where he is sitting on the ball. I feel like that could be an add for something.

Linda said...

I've got to find the picture of Kent picking the flower in the grass in the middle of his pee wee soccer game!

Kimberly said...

So what happened? Did he want to go in the port-a-potty again?