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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet! ...and a little salty.

I LOVE cake, but I'm not a big fan of typical icing- usually the buttercream icing. I was making dessert for our usual Sunday dinners with that we have with Chris, Carlie, Chad, and Beth and all the kids, and I thought I'd try one of the recipes from The Cake Mix Doctor. My mother-in-law, Linda, got this book for me for Christmas (I think) a few Christmases ago, and I hadn't tried very many. Anyway, I decided to try the chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. The cake was pretty much like any other chocolate cake. But man, oh man, the icing... I never lick the beaters when I make icing. The stuff is just way too sweet. I can almost feel my teeth recoiling in horror. And while my teeth still might have recoiled in horror while I was happily stuffing my face with spoonfuls of icing, I didn't notice. The icing was delicious. The peanut butter really balanced out the sweetness of the sugar. Anyway, here it is. Slap it on a yummy chocolate cake and it's really really good. Emphasis on "really."

1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 stick butter (room temp)
2 cups powdered sugar (it says sifted, but honestly, I was too lazy, and who sifts anymore?)
3-4 tablespoons milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

On low speed, beat peanut butter and butter for 30 seconds. Add powdered sugar, 3 tablespoons milk, and vanilla. Blend on low speed until well combined, about 1 minute. Increase speed to medium until frosting lightens and is fluffy, about 1 minute more. If it seems too stiff, add up to 1 tablespoon more of milk.

I beat mine a little longer so it was a little more fluffy. Delicious!


Kent Saunders said...

It was alright, but don't tell Stephanie I said that. Lemon Jello cake is wayyyy better!

Hills' Angels said...

Come on Kent! Lemon Jello vs. Chocolate Peanut Butter??!! I'm not going to say that you're crazy or anything, but really...lemon jello? I think I might view you a little differently from now on. :) Great recipe Stephanie I'm so glad you decided to share the recipe with us!

Quindi said... modestic.

Nicole Saunders said...

Kent you're such a Saunders. You guys and your- liking the familiar more than the... well, sometimes the "better!"
Anyway STEPHANIE, I don't know if it was your mouth watering description, or the fact that I'm just so pitifully suggestible- but I'm soo tryin it! Who wouldn't love a recipe that adds a stick of butter to a cup of peanut butter?!

Linda said...

Really, don't blame me. I don't know why they are that why (I think it's Steve fault). I was always trying out new stuff, but it was always back to Lemon jello cake.Sorry. Glad you finally have more people around so you can use the cake book.

Carlie said...

Kent, I really like you, but even Chris, psycho health guy thought it was good. Peanut Butter is just YUMMY!!! We missed you at the debut dinner anyway!

Kimberly said...

Who knew it would cause such controversy? I can appreciate wanting something a little less rich, but lemon?! That's just sick. At least you could have said pineapple upside down cake or oreos or something.