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"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

-by Someone Really Smart

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Because We Are THAT Awesome!

My friend, Tara, told me about how she thought it would be a fun idea if we had an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. I admit- I'd never been to nor heard of one before. But I thought it would be a GREAT idea. When I told Kent about it, he looked like I told him Christmas was coming early and that we wouldn't have to pay for gifts.

Because when we say an Ugly Christmas Sweater party, we mean an UGLY Christmas Sweater party.

The best party about Kent's was ALL of the bells. Oh yeah. And it sang "Jingle Bells."
If you can't tell from the picture, my sweater has REAL tree branches on it. None of this faux stuff, faux sure (yes, you must laugh at that).
I wish we would have gotten a picture of everyone before people started taking off. It was awesome!
Not surprisingly, Kent won the Ugliest Sweater award. But for your viewing pleasure, meet Scott, Tara's husband. I almost died laughing when I saw him.
And because I'm still playing catch-up, here are our Polar Express pictures. We went with two of the same couples from the party. And it wasn't easy to get a picture of the kids-
And before you even ask, YES, I made our jammies. Why? So my kids can be embarrassed for the rest of their lives. And we look more organized. And I'm cheesy like that.


Jamie said...

Awesome sweaters! Looks like fun Steph. I read you made those jammies, but did you make those sweaters too? You are just a talented lady.

Carlie Hills said...

You and Kent had the ugliest sweaters by far. You must be so proud!