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"Parenthood is why some animals eat their young"

-by Someone Really Smart

Monday, January 26, 2009

Urine Trouble

It will require divine intervention for Taylor to be potty-trained before he starts high school. I have tried EVERYTHING:

  1. Giving him 1 M&M for going pee, 2 for poop
  2. Sticker chart
  3. Having him sit on the toilet every 20 minutes
  4. Letting him just go naked
  5. Giving him a special "pee plant" to water
  6. Letting him pick out his own big boy underwear
  7. The "potty monster": I dressed up all of my toilets with arms and faces and they all thanked Taylor for "feeding" them after he went to the bathroom
  8. Telling him that he was doing a great job wherever he went to the bathroom, but encouraging him to go on the toilet
  9. Getting a toy if he stays dry all day
  10. Spanking him every time he went anywhere but the toilet

I've been at this for months. So what's my present method? I've come to the point where I'm sick of buying diapers or pullups and I'm sick of stressing about it. I'm not putting him in diapers or pullups anymore. The kid will wear underwear at all times unless he's at school. The problem? Well, he doesn't really care that he's wet. I made him ride home in his underwear after he wet his pants one day, and he came home and went straight to his toys- didn't even bother to take them off.

But today we had a breakthrough... kind of. We met Kent for lunch, and he wet his pants during lunch. So after lunch we went out to the car and I made Taylor wait on the driver side while I put Erik in his car seat on the other side. After I get Erik buckled up, I walk around the car to open the door for Taylor. What is he doing? His pants are around his ankles, his shirt is up past his belly, and he's wizzing on the black BMW that's parked next to us.

And I thought we weren't getting anywhere...


Kimberly said...

Well at least he has good taste?

kathryn said...

Ha! Guess you need a BMW if that kid is ever gonna learn!! Darn:)

Kelli Mackerell said...

Try letting him pee standing up. Derek was the same way, I couldn't get him to go no matter what. Found out that all he wanted to do was pee standing up like his dad, and he never wet his pants again!

acrspeech said...

Nice Taylor! Maybe you need to dress all your toilets up like luxury cars? I checked out your other posts, and your house is so dang cute!

Allison and Mason: said...

Haha! My favorite is the toilet monster... or maybe the pee plant. Good luck with that one. I have one little boy in my class this year who will still wet his pants if he really needs to go just because he is having so much fun and doesn't want to take the time to leave the room and go... needless to say... I don't appreciate his adoration. Was I suppose to say something encouraging?? Maybe once his little brother learns and he realizes... YIKES!

Kimberly said...

I wish you had shown us pictures of Mr. Toilet.

Eric Perkins said...

I'm not looking forward to this...